Terminator 2

Terminator 2 Online Slots

Terminator 2 Online Slots
The ruling machines have decided that John Conner must be eliminated, promoting Terminator 1 to return so that he can protect John and his mother from the wrath of the rulers. Terminator 2 online slots is one of the Canadian casino’s most suspenseful and intriguing online slot machines. The online casino presents Terminator 2 in vivid form that brings all of the imagery of the story to life on your PC or mobile screen.

Follow John, Sarah and Terminator 1 as they attempt to outrace the menacing Terminator 2 who arrives in the past to remove the threat that John poses to the evil rulers of the future.

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As you play this futuristic-themed Canada Casino Games Online you’ll observe clashes of the robots as the entertaining, science-fiction themed slots machine combines time travel with the fight for good over evil. The game is available on PC or mobile so you can compete at your convenience on your preferred gaming platform. The Terminator 2 online slots gaming adventure offers a high level of fun and excitement with 243 Ways to Win, free spins, special elements, engaging symbols and a generous T-800 Vision Feature.

Terminator 2 will put you on the edge of your seat as you participate in the battle in which the outnumbered forces of good struggle to survive.

Fast-Moving Gaming Fun and Excitement
Terminator 2 is a fast-moving game of enthralling suspense and anticipation. When you sign in to the casino to play online slots for real you’ll begin by identifying the symbols – John Conner, the future leader of the resistance which is destined to struggle against the ruling machines, Sarah Conner, John’s mother and Terminators One and Two. Terminator Two has been sent into the past to kill John before he comes of age and Terminator One is hot on his heels, determined to defend John and give him the chance that he needs to rally the resistance and overthrow the Machines.

243 Ways to Win
Terminator 2 is one of the popular 243 Ways to Win slots. The bonus online slots feature is available on select slot machines, creating heightened excitement where competitors don’t need to worry about enabling paylines. In a 243 Ways-to-Win game, every matching combination of 3 symbols creates a completed pay way for a real money win. One symbol must appear on the left-most reel but it doesn’t matter whether the symbol occurs on the top, middle or bottom of the reel. This ensures that players enjoy more opportunities than ever to achieve their winning pay ways and earn payouts. According to mathematicians, there are actually 243 ways to achieve a winning pay way on every spin in a 243 Ways to Win game.

Play Online Slots for Real
Terminator 2 gives you the chance to play online slots for real in an atmosphere of suspense-filled excitement. The game opens with a 3D film clip that sets the stage for the action-packed story to come. All of the characters and symbols of the Terminator 2 movie appear on the reels including John, Sarah, the good-hearted T-1000 and the menacing Terminator 2. Past, present and future combine in themes of adventure, intrigue and science fiction as the battle between the forces of good and evil commence. The lifelike robotic animations which flash across the screen are complemented by metallic overlays which highlight the struggle between the Machines and the humans who are at their mercy.

Free Spins on Aussie Pokies
Terminator 2’s Wild symbol is T2 who substitutes for any of the game’s other symbols to complete combinations. Whenever multiple Terminator 2 Wilds appear on a pay way they create a winning wild combination, resulting in a payout.

Terminator 2 scatter symbol is the Orb. If 2 or more Orbs appear together, scattered anywhere on the reels, they generate a scatter combination which indicates a scatter payout. During the T-800 Vision feature, only one scatter symbol is needed to activate the Free Spins.

Free Spins at Popular Online Slots
When 3 scatters emerge scattered across the reels during the regular Terminator 2 game, they activate the free spins at popular online slots. Regardless of the scatter symbols’ positions on the reels, your free spins will begin at the appearance of 3 scatters. Free spins also activate whenever one scatter icon appears during the T-800 Vision round. When the Free Spins begin you’ll receive 10 free spins. If the Hot Mode feature appears, you’ll enjoy an increased win percentage.

If the Terminator 1 symbol appears while the Free Spins are running, you’ll see T1 transform. This signals that you’ve won the highest payout on the spin that activated T-1’s appearance.

During the Free Spins the 243 Ways to Win feature converts into an astounding 1024 Ways to Win feature for more winning opportunities.

T-800 Vision Feature
There’s also a Bonus T-800 Vision feature which occurs randomly, both during the regular game and during the Free Spins. Whenever Sarah, John, T-800 or T-1000 appear during the T-800 Vision Feature, payouts are multiplied.

You don’t have to be a science fiction fan to enjoy the Terminator 2 online slots. Terminator 2 offers multiple payout options, interactive gaming action and a timeless theme that combines 21st century technology with the ancient desire to see good triumph over evil.