Riviera Riches

Riviera Riches

Riviera Riches Mobile – Free Spins Free Joy!
Prepare yourselves ladies and gentleman! If you wanted to feel rich, famous, almighty and power… it is your day! If you are looking for multiple bonuses, awards, rewards and fancy gambling features, you better play mobile slots on your tablet and choose Riviera Riches Mobile Slots as your favourite option when you do so! Why? Because this game has it all and you will enjoy playing it all day long as well as all night long!

Once you get to Riviera riches you can find out you have the ability to win up to 64,000.00 coins, get 12 Free Spins, enjoy the wonderful 3X multiplier that applies during the Free Spins and get the incredible Bonus Feature that is highly unique to this game! So! What are you waiting for? Start playing this great Canadian online slot today!

But What Exactly Are My Benefits and How Do I get them?
Great question! You surely deserve to know exactly what is waiting for you when you decide to deposit on mobile slots for real money!

First of all –

3X Multiplier!
The 3X multiplier applies during the Free Spins and it means that each and every amount you gain when you don’t even need to deposit anything is freaking TRIPLLED! Awesome!

12 Free Spins!
You can win 12 Free Spins with the Scatter symbols and you have so much to experience during those spins! The spins will start on when you decide they should because at Riviera Riches you get to press the “Start Free Spins” button whenever you are ready. Then, everything will simply change in front of your eyes! The colors, the music, the energy… and you will get into a totally different world! Every time you win during the free spins, a line will mark all the relevant lines in which the winning symbols appear on the screen. Besides, the symbols attributed to the winning will get animated… so you are surely not going to miss this! In addition to that, you can know at any point exactly how much you have since the WIN and TOTAL WIN boxes will be there (on the sides of the screen) telling you exactly what is your gain during this specific win – spin, and how much you already won, inclusively. Pay attention to the fact that only at the end of all the free spins, when you see the “Congratulations” sign, you will see the true worth of the credits, since only at that point the amount is tripled (remember? 3X multiplier).

Scatter is actually your way to GET the 12 Free Spins. Scatter symbol appear every now and then on the screen and when they appear as part of the win – spin, you get this reward. An additional reward is a very nice payout you get to the credits payline immediately.

Bonus Feature
A bonus feature, as previously stated, is highly unique to this game of mobile slots in Canada. The Bonus Feature, once appearing as a win – spin, rewards you with two spins on the roulette. Spices things up, right? Anyway, what’s even better about this concept is that the credits won on the roulette are also added to your payline!

La Crème de la Crème. This symbol changes the situation every time it takes place in the game. If you previously thought that having two identical symbols will simply not let you win more credits, with WILD it is simply not true. The WILD serves as a substitute to all of the other symbol on the reels and it can actually create two of a kind, three of a kind and four of a kind and make you – WIN WIN WIN!!! More credits, more winnings, more payouts! That is the true meaning of WILD! Do note that the WILD does not serve as a substitute to the Scatter symbol, which is highly unique on its own.

New Players Enjoy Just as Pros
Are you new on this scene? Nothing to worry about! Never played Riviera Riches Mobile Slots before? That is completely fine! You surely don’t need to feel uncomfortable regarding the fact that you are inexperienced and this should definitely not keep you away from you first game! Riviera Riches offers its players an opportunity to taste it all before they put some money into the game, so they can feel secure and confident once they begin depositing. By opting the Free Play button at the beginning of the game, a whole world of demo gambling opens in front of the tyro. The tyro can gamble with demo credits, try things out, even enjoy all the wonderful benefits including the free spins and get the whole feeling of the game. After giving the game a few tries, the gamer can go on and start playing for real. The movement from Free to real is done easily either by pressing one of the banners on the screen or by starting a new game. Always remember that even when you are playing for real you get to change your betting amounts and suit the amounts to your pocket size and self – confidence. All good!

Play Riviera Riches on all Devices
Yes, playing the mobile version of Riviera Riches can be done via your cellphone. You can take the game out, with you wherever you go. If you want to sit more comfortably while you gamble, you can always take your ipad and play there. Works just as well. Now, some people don’t know but even though this is a mobile version, it also has its online equivalent and the PC lovers will find peace of mind and play with their computer if they really want to.

So? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Everything you could ever wish for is here on Riviera Riches! Join us NOW!