Almost every player who enjoys playing casino games will spend time playing slots games at the online casino. The fast -paced game play and the potential to win huge payouts ensures that the slots will always provide players with a great gaming experience.

In 1895, the first mechanical slot machine was invented by a young mechanic by the name of Charles Fey. The original machine had three spinning wheels with the diamond, spade, heart and bell symbols. Three bells in a row resulted in a payout.

The demand for these slot machines was really huge and in 1907, a Chicago manufacturer, Herbert Mills began to distribute the machines to arcades and game halls.


It was not long before an electric version of the slot machine was developed. In 1964 the first electronic slot machine was introduced. These machines were even more secure and the operators began to offer even higher payouts and jackpots.

In 1975 Walt Freely introduced the first video slot machine known as the Fortune Coin. The video slots meant that the casino was now able to introduce better odds and have more control over the payouts that were made. Players were at first sceptical of the video slots as they had grown accustomed to watching the reels spinning before coming to a stop. But, over time players became more trusting of the video slots and the humble three reel slots slowly grew to 5, 7, 9 and even more reels.

Today the slot machines are available in hundreds of different variations with differing reels, paylines, bet sizes and also additional bonus games. The slot machines of today often come complete with a theme or a storyline based on a TV show or even a famous personality.  


The online slots run in the same way as the slot machines at the land based casino. The slot machines at the land based casino no longer have a lever that the player must pull and they are all fully computerized.

Although the player is obviously not able to touch the online slot machine in the same way that he can touch the slot machine in the land based casino, the visual effects of the online slot machine are comparable, or even better than those of the slot machine at the land based casino. 

After placing a wager, the player clicks on the spin button and the Random Number Generator will spin the machines reels before they eventually come to a halt. The casino software provides superior quality graphics and sound effects.

While many players still enjoy playing the traditional three reel slots games, more and more players are shifting to playing the games with bonus rounds and features.


Over the last ten years, the bonus slots games have become some of the most popular slots games at the online casino. It is easy to understand their popularity. The Canadian slots bonus games add an additional level of excitement to the game as well as an additional way to win some great payouts. Most of the bonus slots include a free spin round or a ‘choose a box’ round.

While some players claim that the bonus slots games result in a larger overall payout, in fact, there is no difference between the final payout of a simple three reel slot and that of a slot game with a bonus round. The real difference lies in the makeup of the game. The slot game with an added bonus round is more engaging and adds an added element of fun and variety to the game and this is what attracts so many players to these bonus slots games.


The favourite bonus slots for Canadians include those games offered by the leading software providers such as Microgaming and Playtech. When it comes to the Microgaming casinos some of the most played bonus slots games include Thunderstruck 2, The Dark Knight Rises, Tomb Raider and Immortal Romance.

The Playtech casinos also offer a great selection of slots games with additional bonus rounds. Some of the most popular of these games among Canadian players include the Marvel comic slots. These games are themed slots based on the popular Marvel comic books such as Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Daredevil.


The bonus slots games draw players in with their fascinating themes, vivid graphics and animated icons. Playing the bonus games provides many hours of entertainment and pleasure for Canadian players. Bonus slots offer both regular payouts as well as some progressive payouts. No matter which slots games players at the Canadian online casino enjoy, every player will benefit from taking a few spins on one of the great bonus slots and enjoy some of the rewards that they offer.