Cricket Star

Cricket Star

Win 243 Ways with Cricket Star Online Slots
If you’re looking for multiple ways to win real money playing online slots, you should try out the classic Cricket Star Online Slots. There are five reels and 243 ways but that’s just for starters. Microgaming set out to create a slots game that would have many ways to win! You can get up to 25 free spins with multipliers, Rolling Reels, lots of stacked Wilds, and Wild Wickets. No wonder, then, why Cricket Star Online Slots is one of the most popular Canada Casino Games Online.

Because of the many ways to win, the payout for Cricket Star Online Pokies is always close to 97%. And you don’t have to bet like a high roller to win big at Cricket Star slots online. 50 credits are all it takes to cover all the 243 ways to win in the basic game! On top of them, you have to add the other highly lucrative winning methods to fully realize the real potential this great slots offers.

A Different Approach to Slots Symbols
When you play online slots, you expect to see the number symbols, plus the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Cricket Star Online Slots has chosen a different way to create the mood of a cricket match. All of the symbols in Cricket Star Online Slots are intrinsic to cricket! There are none of the standard symbols, at all! The symbols are cricket players, umpires, and fans plus cricket balls and wickets.

The theme is thoroughly cricket and the animation and graphics are so good that you’ll feel as if you’re at an actual cricket match. In the background you hear the low drone of a cricket crowd. The crowd cheers for its favourites. The players animatedly react to causing an opponent’s out or when scoring a big hit themselves. The umpires are appropriately stoic, signaling from beneath their wide-brimmed hats.

Free Spins Bonus
We all love popular Canada Casino Games Online. Canadians may love cricket less than, say, the Aussies but we can certainly love getting free spins as much as anyone! There are a few interesting elements to the free spins bonus. First, you need three or more Scatters. The cricket ball is the Scatter Symbol. You get different numbers of free spins based on the number of Scatters you got. Three Scatter Symbols get you 15 free spins; four Scatters come with 20 free spins; and five Scatters are worth a whopping 25 free spins.

Your free spins go round and round but one of the great features of Cricket Star applies here as well, the Rolling Reels!

Rolling Reels Feature
This is one of the ways you can increase your cash wins at Cricket Star Online Slots. It helps in both the regular game and in the free spins bonus. When you have a winning spin in the regular game, the winning symbols are removed. The symbols that are left glide down. They are then replaced by new symbols. Hopefully, your luck will be good and you’ll get another win! You can keep this up forever as long as your luck stays strong and the reels keep rolling!

Now, the Rolling Reels Feature is the same in the free spins bonus and….it’s different in a big way! In the free spins bonus, the Rolling Reels also have multipliers. The multipliers start at 2x and increases every time the rolling reels give you a win. So, if you keep up the wins, the multiplier will go up as high as 10x. Keep in mind that the multiplier starts all over again from 2x when the rolling reels fail to give you a win.

Wild Symbol
Even if curling is your game, you must be a Cricket Star because there are yet more ways to win. The Cricket Star logo is the Wild Symbol. It replaces all other symbols except the Scatter. But that’s just the tip of the glacier, so to speak. The Wilds are all stacked giving you a much bigger chance to score a win! On the third reel, the Wilds stack 18 high; on the fourth reel, it’s 25 Wilds high; and on the fifth reel, it’s three Wilds high. Adding them all up brings us to the remarkable sum of 46 Wilds!

Wild Wickets
Here’s another way to win at Cricket Star Online Slots. This feature applies to the regular game. The cricket ball will rush at lightning speed toward the wickets. This occurs at random, so keep on the lookout for it! When the cricket ball hits them, the wickets go flying all over the place and an entire reel becomes wild, insuring a win!

Play Cricket Star Slots Online
Cricket Star Online Slots is a popular Canada Casino Games Online for many reasons. First, it has 243 ways to win from the start. Add in 46 stacked Wilds, Rolling Reels with multipliers, Wild Wickets, and free spins. So, come along with the cheering crowd and have a great time!