Bridesmaids Online Slots
This isn’t necessarily the game that you think it is. While you might picture a sweet game about bridesmaids trying to help out a bride, it’s actually a game about a movie from 2011. The popular movie was about Annie, a thirty year old woman who was the Maid of Honor for her best friend’s wedding. Of course, everything and anything that could go wrong did, and the bridesmaids had plenty of fights amongst themselves. And this is the focus of the Bridesmaids online slots Canada games.

Even if you’ve never seen the movie, the online slots Canada game will have you enjoying and having a blast. The symbols in the game are all from the movie and include their faces and the typical things you would have at a wedding. The cast here from the movie includes Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson.

The Basics
With the Bridesmaids Online Slots game, you’ll see a five reel set up. The game feels like it really incorporates all of the pieces of the movie. They use a lot of film clips and music that you’ll recognize and when you win five of a kind, you get to see a clip from the movie for that character. There are all sorts of original screenshots and more. The Bridesmaids Canada Casino Games Online game is an experience completely by itself and it will entertain as you play along.

Canadian Slots Bonuses
Now, as part of the game, there is almost always a bonus section and this is true for the online slots Canada game here. There are five bonus rounds that can be unlocked when you match specific symbols. In one of these rounds, for instance, is the engagement party bonus. Now, in the movie, they went to a Brazilian restaurant for the engagement party and everyone ended up getting food poisoning. So, for the Canadian slots bonuses here, the player has to select the right food for everyone to eat and you’ll get rewarded based on how many people don’t get sick in the process. As you play, you can earn cash rewards and bonuses as well with the bonus multipliers, the cash rewards and more.

Other Bonuses
There are other bonuses that are just as entertaining as well with the Bridesmaids Online Slots game. If you have three or more cupcake symbols, you’ll get to the bonus wheel. In the friendship free spins part of the game, you’ll have 10 free spins. With the flying high part, you’ll also have 10 free spins with rolling reels and growing wilds. In the magic moments section, you’ll get cash prizes when you pick the best moments from the movie. Watch for the Bridesmaids logo symbol as well since it is a stacked wild.

Have a blast today with all of the ways that you can play and enjoy Bridesmaids Online Slots. You’ll love the entertainment offered here whether or not you already know the movie well! The game is sure to give you reason to smile and to have fun everytime that you come back. You can start out in demo mode to get a feel for everything, and then switch over to real money mode to really have a blast. This game will keep you on your toes and laughing as you enjoy the film clips, the playing and so much more entertainment today.