Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Online Slots has 243 Ways to Win
The all-time hit television series, Game of Thrones has been adapted by Microgaming, the leading producer of gaming software. Westeros is a dark and dangerous land where several royal families vie for the Iron Throne. Game of Thrones online slots fully captures the fear evoked in every dark corner of the land, in every coded conversation, and in every image from the world of fantasy. You will have the feeling that you are truly on the quest of a lifetime for the Iron Throne as you travel through the Four Kingdoms where danger abodes in every corner. It’s no wonder that GOT online slots is already one of the most popular Canada Casino Games Online.

The Symbols
Game of Thrones online slots uses the same elements as the television series to capture the awesome force of the human quest for power. You have dragons, flaming eggs, and wolves with long sinister fangs. Game of Thrones online slots

also provides a few subtleties to further enhance the sense of a time long ago. The symbols are underlain by realistically drawn parchment. The Royal House symbols are all stone-carved. Finally, we should say a special word about the music. The soundtrack from the series has been widely recognized as simply extraordinary! In Game of Thrones online slots, the music is replicated so well that you will think that you are actually in Westeros!

Two Formats can Mean Big Wins
All we’ve said thus far should have fully whetted your appetite for the adventure that lies ahead but this online Canadian slots game has a big extra incentive: you can win $121,000! So, you can play Game of Thrones online slots just for the mood or as an exciting online slots for real money.

Game of Thrones online slots has two distinct formats: You can play with fifteen paylines or with 243 ways to win. The fifteen paylines format gives you fewer wins, of course, but the wins tend to be larger. You have a much bigger chance to score a big win in the bonus area when you play with the 243 ways to win format.

Stunning Graphics
We’ve already spoken a bit about the amazing graphics of the Game of Thrones online slots. Everyone knew that the graphics simply had to be stunning in view of the highly visual nature of the series. In the series, every conversation, however simple and every day, has a feeling of foreboding. This adds to the sense of fear we experience even though we know full well that it is all a fantasy! In Game of Thrones online slots, all of the regular symbols are realistically rendered. Many of the main characters from the series are here. In addition, there are symbols drawn from the lives of the women of Westeros and the heavily armored soldiers who fight for them and against them.

Stacking Wild Symbols
It’s fairly common for the Wild symbol to stack in bonus games but in Game of Thrones online slots the Wild symbol stacks three-high even in the regular game. The Wild symbol replaces all other symbols except the Scatter. Because of this feature, Game of Thrones online slots gives you more winning chances in the regular game, decreasing the slots game’s volatility. This forms a profound contrast with the palpable volatility of life in the Four Kingdoms. The bonus area is more volatile, as you will see!

Scatter Symbol and Bonus Rounds
The Iron Throne is the Scatter Symbol. When only two Scatters appear, a hot, burning egg emerges from the screen and you win a small cash award. Then, when you get three Scatters, the full power of the Four Kingdoms is revealed! Three Scatter symbols send you to the bonus area! In the bonus area, the flag of each Royal House flies straight out in the harsh Westeros wind! Then the royal castles appear, one by one. The music and the massive power of the families gives you a deep sense of emerging danger!

The Royal Houses fight each other for the Iron Throne using every means at their disposal. You have to choose one of the Houses, to serve it, to immerse yourself in the palace intrigues,and to join the fight alongside the warriors! You can choose any of the Royal Houses but the rules dictate that each choice has advantages and disadvantages!

The House Baratheon comes with 8 free spins and a 5x multiplier. In addition, the House Baratheon Sigil Symbols stack three high.
The House Lannister awards you 10 free spins with a 4x multiplier. Furthermore, the House Lannister Sigils symbols stack four high!
The House Stark features the wolves that protect the royal family. You will run with the wolves. In addition, you get 14 free spins and a 3x multiplier. The House Stark Sigils Symbols stack five high!
Finally, you may choose to ply your fate with the House Targaryen. When you choose the House Targaryen, you soar with the dragons. You receive 18 free spins with a 2x multiplier. The House Targaryen Sigil Symbols stack six high!
If, while you are taking your free spins, you get three Iron Throne Scatter symbols, the bonus will retrigger. So, with a bit of luck, you will escape the Four Kingdoms with a substantial amount of gold.

Gamble Feature
Whenever you score a win, you can double it by choosing the gamble feature. A Braavosi coin is “flipped”. You choose heads or tails. If the coin flips your way, you double your winnings.

The Passion
Game of Thrones online slots is another in Microgaming’s line of slots adapted from hit television series or movies. Game of Thrones online slots will keep everyone enthralled from the most dedicated fans of the tv series to new players who are just now becoming aware of the excitement to be had in Westeros!