Lucky Leprechaun

Lucky Leprechaun

Let’s Get Jiggy with the Lucky Leprechaun

Let the happy-go-lucky leprechaun lead you on an exciting trip through the Emerald Island.  He will chatter as you go in his beautiful Irish lilt. He’ll say, “Top o’ the mornin’ to ye” as you begin and he’ll talk throughout the trip, offering encouragement and good cheer.  When he wishes you good luck, he gives a small laugh, really just a chuckle.  He’ll even do a jig, especially after you win!

Lucky Leprechaun slots game is one of the happiest slots games online. It is a five-reel 20-paylines slots.  You bet on all twenty paylines which is quite affordable as the minimum wager is a single cent per line and the maximum bet is only a dollar.  In the regular game, there are many small wins, adding to the continuing excitement, because the game doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot, and some more substantial wins in the free spins bonus with multipliers.

Colors Everywhere

The ever-present green landscape of Ireland is enhanced by several other bright colors.  The number and royal symbols all feature rich, deep colors making the whirling reels of Lucky Leprechaun slots gamea kaleidoscope of color.

Graphics, Sound, and Animation

Lucky Leprechaun Slots for Canadians goes all out to make you feel at home.  Catchy Irish fiddle music plays throughout the game.  The music is happy but just a slight bit subdued during the regular spins.  This enables the music to really pick up whenever you win; the music increases as your win is counted.  You won’t be able to resist the music; no one has yet!  It will simply draw you into the spirit of Ireland!

In addition to the number and royal symbols mentioned above, there are several other beautifully drawn symbols.  You’ll get a taste for Irish stout every time the three pints appear and especially if they help you to a good-sized win; the pipe will put you in a relaxed mood befitting the beauty all around; the lucky leprechaun always has a broad smile on his face and you’ll want to smile back at him; and, of course, there’s a fiddle!

The lucky leprechaun and the other symbols do their own little dance for you when you win.  They will make you want to jump out of your seat and dance along!   Each of the two bonus rounds has its special sound, as well.

Sometimes you will see the lucky leprechaun at the left of the screen appearing in a blue cloud of fairy dust.  He performs a little dance just for your entertainment.  The pot of gold sometimes appears at the right of the screen.  It, too, does a little dance and when it does a few gold coins fly out!

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is represented by the Lucky Leprechaun logo.  The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the two Scatter symbols: the pot of gold and the green clover.   The Wild symbols are stacked, not only in the regular game, but also in the free spins bonus rounds.  This feature will help you score many modest wins in the regular game and some big wins in the free spin bonus rounds.

Lucky Leprechaun Slots Game Has Two Bonus Games

Lucky Leprechaun Slots for Canadians has a special feature that most other slots games online don’t have: it has two Scatters for two bonus rounds! 

The first Scatter is the green clover.  One green clover, if it appears on the fifth reel, is all it takes to trigger free spins. The other Scatter is the pot of gold.  To get to the second bonus you’ll need three pots of gold but when you get there you’ll understand that it was worth the wait; you might think of the second bonus round as a casino bonus for Canadians!

The Clover Bonus

The Clover Bonus begins when a green clover appears on the fifth reel; you receive five free spins and a 2x multiplier.  The lucky leprechaun has a couple of ways to keep you going at the Clover Bonus and to increase your winnings!  You can increase both your free spins and the multiplier!  Every time another green clover shows up, you get one more free spin and every time a yellow clover appears, the multiplier increases by 1x.  And remember, the Wilds are stacked during the free spins, so you have a great chance to score a big win!  The lucky leprechaun will be beside himself with good Irish joy if you do so!

Trail O’ Fortune Bonus

When you get three or more pot of gold Scatter symbols, you are instantly transported to the Trail O’ Fortune Bonus.  You have to spin the bonus wheel to activate the bonus. You move along the Trail O’ Fortune according to the number that appears on the bonus wheel.  The Trail O’ Fortune is a multiplier trail.  It begins at 12x and increases with every step you take until you reach the 1000x multiplier if you’re lucky!  You get an extra spin of the bonus wheel if you find the emerald hidden along the trail.  To help you get to the 1000x multiplier, there are two rainbow bridges along the trail.  When you cross upon either rainbow bridge, you make a huge advance from a lower multiplier to a higher one.

Your Happy Excursion to the Emerald Island Awaits

Lucky Leprechaun slots game has everything you might want in a slots game: great graphics, sound, and animation; a happy Irish atmosphere; stacked Wilds; and two Scatters with two different bonus rounds and the chance to win a 1000x multiplier!