Sure Win

Sure Win

Sure Win Mobile Slots – Get in on all the Excitement at the Racetrack
The racetrack beckons you! Sure Win, a classic online slots game, is now available on mobile. All the excitement of the original slots game has been preserved at Sure Win Mobile Slots. In an unusual move for video slots, there is no music in the regular game. Instead, you hear the muffled undertones of a real racetrack. When the game begins, you will hear the trumpet call of the horses to the starting gate. However, as you will see a bit later, there is some foot-stomping music during the free spins bonus rounds.

Sure Win Symbols
At this racetrack you’ll meet horses and jockeys and a racetrack tout who might not have any worthwhile information but who can get you free spins. The horses seem both humorous and dangerous as they show a lot of teeth, seemingly as smiles yet their hind legs are reared up as if they are ready for the attack. The jockeys have the tight, compact look of small yet enormously powerful men. Their faces express a look of utter determination, as if they can’t help but communicate the attitude of winning at all costs. The tout actually hisses at you as he tries to sell you his inside tips. Stay away from his can’t miss information; if you give him a chance he will get you free spins!

The other symbols are a jockey’s helmet, binoculars, a racing form, and a trophy.

Sure Win Mobile Slots is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot. You can play for as low as one cent per payline.

Wild Symbol
The Sure Win logo is the Wild. It substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter. Befitting the tense atmosphere at a racetrack, the Wild symbol has some special characteristics of its own. All wins with the Wild are tripled! This also applies in the bonus area where you also enjoy a multiplier. Imagine winning and multiplying your winnings twice! Five Wilds have a $7000 bonus.

The horses race across your screen with heart-pounding speed, kicking up a cloud of dust, whenever you score a win with a Wild symbol!

Scatter Symbol
The Scatter wins in all positions in contrast to the other symbols which win from left to right. The Scatter is a common denizen of racetracks: the tout. The tout always has some can’t miss information to sell you but don’t buy any.

Two Scatter symbols give you a small win. A cash register in the background “rings up” your win. Three Scatter symbols send you to the free spins bonus round.

You Have Three Choices So Choose Wisely

When you enter both free spins bonus area, you will see the three horses and three jockeys. They are competing with each other to be chosen to ride for you in the bonus game. You have to decide whether you would rather have a higher multiplier which comes with fewer free spins or more free spins with a lower multiplier. Here is a chart of your options:

12 free spins and a 4x multiplier.
16 free spins and a 3x multiplier.
24 free spins and a 2x multiplier
This is no simple decision because wins with a Wild are also tripled. So, what do you prefer: more chances, meaning free spins, to get a big win or larger wins, meaning higher multiplier, whenever they come?

Hoof-pounding High Energy Music
During the free spins bonus round a rousing version of the William Tell Overture, aka the theme from the Lone Ranger, plays in the background.

Gamble Feature
After every win, Sure Win offers you a chance to double or quadruple your win. If you opt for the gamble feature you can either guess the color of a card to be chosen at random or the card’s suit. If you guess the color correctly, your win is doubled; if you guess the suit correctly, the win is quadrupled.

Playing Slots on Mobile
A word about mobile gaming is in order here. It takes a long time for the software houses to reformat pc casino games for mobile. There are thousands of mobile devices and several mobile platforms. This means that the number of real money mobile slots is lower than the hundreds of slots available on pc. Microgaming, the heavyweight software house and the creators of Sure Win is proud to be able to present Sure Win Mobile Slots. Microgaming is trying extra hard to reformat their classic online slots games. Sure Win mobile slots game is compatible with most platforms and most mobile devices. The mobile slots apps are easy to download. They provide excellent definition, in tune with the definition level of your mobile device.

Go to the Track Whenever you Choose
The beauty of mobile slots in Canada is that you can play whenever you have the time. It’s become a cliché to say that you can play when you’re in some waiting room. Mobile slots were always intended as a form of entertainment with the added excitement of wagering on the outcome. In our fast-paced world we need an occasional respite from the hecticness of our days. Sure Win Mobile slots can provide that time off and you get to say Hi Yo Silver Away!