5-Reel Slots

5-Reel Slots

Slots players will thrill to the hundreds of Canadian video slots options which are available for PC or mobile gaming at the online casinos of Canada.

Video Slots
If you enjoy high-energy games that keeps you enthralled with compelling themes and interactive elements, the online casino’s 5-reel slots are for you. Playing 5-reel slots allows you to indulge your fantasies while you compete for fun, excitement and real money prizes. When you sign into your online casino account you can select from any of the hundreds of 5-reel slot games. So regardless of whether you’re a beginning player or a long-time gamer, you will experience a genuine Las Vegas casino adventure of fun and excitement when you play the 5-reel slots at the online casino.

5-Reel Slot Games
5-reel slot games are also known as “video slots,” thanks to the slot machine’s colourful images, engaging graphics and lifelike animations that seem to jump out at you from the screen. The vivid images combine with the slot machines’ audio tracks where casino sounds of applause and cheers intertwine with the themed music of the slots to create a rich, vibrant gaming event.

You can play your favorite online slots at any time and from any location on your PC, on a public console or on your handheld mobile device. If you prefer to gamble on the big screen, download the casino into your laptop or desktop and play at the Download Casino from the comfort of your own home. If you travel, are visiting a friend or want to take a break from work and play at your work station in a secure environment, you can always sign into your personal casino account at your leisure on any Internet browser. Open the casino website and sign in, using your unique username and password. Enjoy your casino games for as long as you want and then sign out to protect your gaming history, banking details and other personal information.

Mobile gamers can access their favourite slots right on their handheld mobile device. The casino URL opens on smartphones and tablet browsers, including iOS and Android operating systems, so you can enjoy any of the mobile slot options which feature vibrant images and authentic casino sound track alongside touchscreen navigation that allows you to make your moves with a simple swipe of your finger.

Regardless of your casino platform, you’ll be able to choose the mode in which to play your slots. You can play five reel video slots for free in the Free Mode for as long as you want to practice a game and review the rules and moves of each machine. When you’re ready to play for real money prizes, navigate to the Real Mode and make a deposit to start playing for real money prizes.

Themed Slots
Slot machines are developed with themes so you can find types of online slots that fit your personal interests and fantasies. Some of these slot machine storylines include themes of adventure, romance, history, mythology, science fiction, humor, whimsy and more. There are also slot machines that are based on your favourite movies so you can participate in the movie’s plot as you spin the reels. Many of these slots feature 3D imagery and clips of the movies to set the tone for the excitement to come.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a 5-reel slots with bells and whistles or whether you’d prefer a sedate, slow-paced game challenge, you’ll find a slots that meets your needs and expectations when you enter the online casino games lobby to select your preferred game.

Online Five-Reel Slots
Five reel slot machines offer many more options for creating winning combinations than were once possible on earlier three-reel slots. In addition to the extra 2 reels, there are also multiple paylines – sometime as much as several hundred paylines – where symbol are matched to produce a win. While the payline must be activated, the new 243 Ways To Win feature, an element on many of the most technologically-advanced five-reel slots, allows wins on all pay ways, regardless of any activization.

Some of the other elements of 5-reel slots that allow for increased wins include:

Nudge — pushes reels up or down slightly to form winning combinations
Cascading Reels — Symbols which disappear after they create a winning line and are then replaced by new symbols
Bonus Features — Extra games and free spin features
Bonus Symbols — Symbols which trigger bonus games and other special features
Expanding Wilds – Wild symbols expands to fill all visible places on one reel for a larger number of winning possibilities
Free Spins — awarded as part of a game’s bonus feature or as part of the casino promotions
Multipliers – Multiplies your wins
Progressive Jackpot — jackpots created by involving all players from around the world in creating a jackpot prize. Whichever player hits the jackpot wins the entire prize.
Scatter Symbols — Symbols which create winning combinations without the obligation to emerge on an active payline
Stacked Symbols — A reel which includes similar symbols stacked on top of each other
So whether you’re into 5-reel slots for the storyline, the excitement, or just to pass the time, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for at today’s online casino.